Cutting edge performance through cutting edge technology

The company Studer wants to create lasting values, inspired by the power of the elements, fascinated by the perfection of the ecosystem and driven by nature's wealth of invention.

Our focus here is on the separation of layers with the aid of water technology in the food processing industry. In this specific niche, we strive for worldwide market leadership.

As leaders in technology, we combine longstanding expertise and the unique application of technology with uncompromising quality standards and an innovative company culture. The consistent concentration on top performance is reflected in our organization, the processes and in the constant cycle of innovation.

In a small, dedicated team of specialists, we concentrate on the development of sustainable technical solutions.

We always question results anew. We proactively track and analyse problem areas. We are open to the unknown and always strive to push boundaries, overcome obstacles and to try out the apparently impossible in order finally to reach the objectives of our clients. In this way, we succeed in continually advancing knowledge and skills in the interests of the customers.

We target future-oriented, sustainable and profitable growth based on ecological, ethical and socially-conscious basic values.