The future needs tradition

Studer has been designing and constructing machines, equipment and methods for the benefit of its customers since 1950. Beginning as specialist in the storage and handling of cheese, the company developed into an expert in layer-separation in the food sector.

The gentle hills and valleys of the Napf are the home of the company studer. It was here that Adolf Studer founded his mechanical workshop in 1950. As a practitioner  and innovator he developed new devices and machines for his customers from the agricultural sector. With his sons on board, in 1971 in Zell he founded Studer Maschinenbau Inc., which has concentrated on the production of cheese equipment. Based on an open-minded attitude to new things and thanks to great enthusiasm for technical procedures, there arose a longstanding tradition of innovation. In this way, alongside numerous further achievements, the company succeeded in developing the first automatic chicken slaughtering facility or the first machine for the serial production of the Original Willisauer Ringli (biscuits).

The 68-year dynamic history constitutes the ideal breeding ground for taking opportunities that present themselves today and for mastering the challenges of the future.