Example of application: process layer

Initial situation of cheese production

For the maturing and flavouring of certain varieties of cheese, the red smear - for example, in the form of a spice or salt smear - plays an indispensable role in the production sequence. Before packaging or the delivery to the customer, this process layer must be removed gently, without damaging the rind.

Our solution

Our technology cleans surfaces not only powerfully and extensively as with traditional brushing facilities, but also achieves an evenly distributed effect. In this way, the red smear can be stripped gently but effectively.

Customer benefits

  • Reduction in production costs due to
    improved performance through automation
  • Reduction in the loss of weight
  • Retention of structures and imprints in the rind
  • No contamination of the cut surface
    when portioning and slicing
  • Longer shelf life of the products
  • Market advantage for end buyers
  • Products look better