Water - purity and power

Like a river that is capable of effortlessly smoothing down jagged rocks and removing sediments from stone: this is how the studer's water technology performs. Fresh water is channelled into precise high-pressure jets so that careful removal, gentle stripping and hygienic cleaning of layers are possible without damaging the remaining layer underneath.

By 'layers', we understand substances of diverse nature and size that lie on the surface or on the inside of a mass. These are either cohesive, that is, joined together, or the upper layer sticks to the lower, i.e., it is adhesive. In the Studer layer-separation concept, we differentiate between process, material and dirt layers.

Process layers

These layers arise according to plan; they are thus intended and fulfil a specific purpose during a production sequence.

Material layers

Many materials – and thus many products – are composed of several different strata. These layers are either desired or disruptive.

Dirt layers

'Dirt layers' refers to impurities on the surface of a mass that arise but are not desired.